A Righteous Stand


                I was president of Maranatha Christian Fellowship student group at the University of Minnesota when we teamed up with the Alliance Defense Fund  to successfully challenge the University’s non-discrimination policy that, ironically, discriminated against religious student groups. The policy basically stated that in order to be considered a legitimate student group, we had to sign a form stating that we would allow any student to become voting members and be eligible for leadership positions within the group, regardless of (among other things) their religion.
                Our student group decided to challenge this policy because it undermined the very purpose and goal of our organization. Allowing voting members and leaders into our organization when they do not agree with our Christian core values defeats the purpose of having a Christian student group at all, just as it would defeat the PETA student group’s purpose to allow recreational hunters as voting members of their group!
                The University did not challenge our lawsuit, and the policy was changed so that religious student organizations would no longer be required to sign the non-discrimination statement in order to receive full recognition.
                As Christians, we believe it is important for people of faith to take a stand on these issues, because all across the nation, our religious freedom is being squashed and trampled in the name of “tolerance.” As our nation’s universities lean ever farther to the left,  we are falling victim to discrimination and intolerance. In fact, it seems every belief is to be accepted and tolerated except the beliefs held by most Christians.
                We thank ADF for their tireless work to defend religious freedom, and we pray the Supreme Court will recognize their case as valid, pressing, and justified.

Submitted by Grant Buse


One Response to “A Righteous Stand”

  1. Elisha Lehnert Says:

    I would just like to point out that by excluding people from your organization is a form of discrimination. Your argument while unchallenged by the university should be challenged by others. Let me pose a question to you; Should say a white supremacist group on campus be allowed the same luxury as the Christian group and refuse membership to certain people? Does this sound just, right, or non-discriminatory? If you are wondering the constitution protects the rights of all groups as long as they are not harming anyone, this includes groups like the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups. The First Amendment protects against discrimination of all groups an is to protect all individuals and their unalienable rights. Some court cases to look at are Forsyth County, Georgia v. Nationalist Movement, SHUTTLESWORTH v. BIRMINGHAM, 394 U.S. 147 (1969), NAACP v. Alabama, DeJonge v. Oregon,

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