Newspaper Thieves at UNC Chapel Hill Post Evidence of Their Crime on Facebook


The Carolina Review Daily, UNC Chapel Hill’s conservative journal, reports that in April of this year, large numbers of their latest issue went missing from a couple of locations on campus.  The students assumed they were stolen, but the culprits were unknown.

Until now.

As student writer Christopher Jones reports (h/t Jay Schalin at the Pope Center),  photographs of three leftist campus activists (including one student who writes for the daily student newspaper, and one who is apparently running for mayor of Chapel Hill) in possession of the stolen issues were posted to one of their Facebook pages.  The three are shown preparing to paint their apartment, and they are using numerous copies of The Carolina Review Daily as dropcloths.

I can’t say why those three (and possibly others) thought it would be a good idea to engage in theft and censorship, especially when they are self-proclaimed advocates of a “democratic society.”  And I can’t say I understand why they thought it would be a good idea to post evidence of their act to their Facebook page.

But I can say this—newspaper theft is a crime, and it happens far too frequently.   The students involved may now be facing charges that they violated the UNC Honor Code.  Let’s hope that UNC Chapel Hill makes clear that they take newspaper theft seriously, and that in a true “democratic society,” censorship and theft are not tolerated.


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