LACC in more hot water over student speech rights


Why punish speech after the fact, when you can censor it before it happens? That is the attitude of Los Angeles City College. According to the LA Times and Student Press Law Center, LACC is attempting to assert control over the student newspaper, The Collegian, by combining its operations with the student activities department. LACC cites budgetary concerns, but the student journalists and their advisor are concerned that the move will give the administration editorial control of the paper.  All this comes on the heels of LACC punishing Jonathan Lopez for expressing his religious beliefs on campus and attempts by the administration to belittle student reporters at public hearings.


2 Responses to “LACC in more hot water over student speech rights”

  1. The Truth Says:

    David, your last name is completely appropriate because just like all the others who are continuing this set of false claims about LACC, you are a hack. None of the claims of censorship are true. This is simply a case of a bad newspaper with a worse advisor not wanting to be held accountable for their inappropriate activities. You clearly understand the first amendment no more than the Collegian or Jonathan Lopez.

  2. David Hacker Says:

    The Truth,

    First of all, thank you for reading our blog. But I’m a bit puzzled. What are The Collegian’s and its advisor’s “inappropriate activities?” Writing newspaper articles? Trying to cover a story without fear of censorship? Striving to preserve the independence of the press? Standing up for their First Amendment rights? Surely, not those things. I hope you will clarify with facts.
    You see, my blog entry reported what others have written about LACC, and given the treatment Jonathan Lopez received, it was highly relevant for discussion. Could my sources, the LA Times and Student Press Law Center, be wrong? I suppose. And I would be happy if the facts were different for The Collegian. But unfortunately, they don’t seem to be.
    I’m also a bit concerned that you don’t know the facts in the Jonathan Lopez case. A federal judge already enjoined LACC’s speech code in Mr. Lopez’s case (you can read more about it on our blog). And instead of revising the code, bringing it into compliance with the First Amendment, and reaching an amicable peace with Mr. Lopez, LACC is pursuing an appeal. So it instead appears that LACC, not I, needs to brush up on the First Amendment.

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