Freedom with Responsibility: How Christian students can change their campus


Ordered liberty is the answer to today’s leftist academy and morally depraved student population–that is the solution proposed by David French in this article. French argues that leftist attempts to create a utopian campus culture have backfired in the worst way, with students embracing morally debased actions over moral virtue. For example, feminists’ attempt to indoctrinate students with their vision of an ideal male (“less aggressive, more emotional, and subservient to women”), has backfired and caused many college males to embrace the worst aspects of their sinful nature–binge drinking, sexual promiscuity, and unrestrained, testosterone-induced deviousness.  French writes: 

Millions of college students have answered political correctness with hedonism, defying feminist and multiculturalist scolds with hoisted beer glasses and libraries full of Girls Gone Wild DVDs.  If this is the current state of student rebellion (and it is), then it’s terrible news for our culture and a disaster for conservatism.  It is the rejection of one form of vice (leftist thought control) for other, equally destructive vices that will have enduring, negative effects on our civil society. 

Exactly.  The hypocrisy of the campus left is that while speech codes and nondiscrimination policies are vigorously enforced against Christian student organizations, college administrators turn a blind eye to the campus party circuit.  As a college freshman over a decade ago, my dorm was known for its weekly “malt liquor Thursdays,” the purpose of which was to see how many 40s one could consume in a night.  And this wasn’t a college ranked on Princeton Review’s party school list, this was one of America’s elite universities.  While our residential assistants conducted the school’s mandatory diversity training sessions by day, by night they were part of the Dionysian festival on the third floor. 

The sad truth is that the campus left is so concerned with tolerance and diversity training that it does not realize it is stoking the fires of a morally depraved student culture.  Administrators shriek in horror when a Catholic student group receives student activity fees to fund its activities, some of which might include prayer and worship.  But the same administrators wholeheartedly embrace the funding of student groups whose sole purpose is to teach fellow students who to have more premarital sex. 

There was a slogan painted in the atrium of my public high school:  Freedom with Responsibility.  As French writes, it is time for Christian and conservative students to not only challenge the speech-restrictive culture on campus, but also to advocate for ordered liberty on campus among their fellow students.  Otherwise, they may be able to speak, but their peers won’t be listening.


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