Forcing “Tolerance”: Thought Reform at Eastern Michigan University


One of the most stunning examples of this new “tolerance” has been revealed at Eastern Michigan University where the professors are engaging in outright thought reform to enforce the orthodoxy of special rights for homosexuals.  Julea Ward, a student enrolled in the graduate counseling program, learned this lesson the hard way when she expressed her religious objections to counseling and affirming a client’s homosexual behavior.  Following the direction of her supervising professor, as well as common practice in the profession, she referred the client to another counselor who did not object to homosexual-affirming therapy.  Julea’s supervisor then initiated disciplinary proceedings against Julea for “unethical, threatening or unprofessional conduct” and “[f]ailure to tolerate different points of view.”  During these Star Chamber-like proceedings, Julea was told she could not graduate unless she changed her “belief system” to conform to the University’s pro-homosexual position.  When she stuck to her convictions, the University dismissed her from the program for “imposing values that are inconsistent with counseling goals” and for “condon[ing] or engag[ing] in discrimination based on . . . sexual orientation.”  The Dean of the College of Education subsequently upheld the dismissal, and in doing so shed any pretense that EMU is interested in tolerance. 

 EMU could have easily tolerated Julea’s religious beliefs without any prejudice to the homosexual client by simply allowing her to refer the client to someone else.  But these proposed arrangements are unacceptable when you are committed to imposing an orthodoxy that affirms homosexual behavior.  So much for the marketplace of ideas.


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